Trap and Relocate Wildlife in Sacramento, CA

Estimating the Cost of Pest Control Services in Sacramento, CA

There’s nothing worse than sharing your home with uninvited animal guests. No one wants to have to worry about rodents, pests, and wildlife running through your walls or throughout your favorite rooms. 

If you’re dealing with unwanted pests, it’s time to call Sierra Wildlife Control. One of our experienced and friendly professionals will be happy to discuss your specific issues and provide an estimate for pest control services in Sacramento, CA.

Our Inspections & Estimates

Sierra Wildlife Control is known for our comprehensive and thorough wildlife inspections. After we inspect your property, we present an action plan outlining the best steps to resolve your situation, as well as the projected cost of these steps. Please note that our rates vary depending on the scope of the job and the extent of damage to the affected areas. To ensure your complete satisfaction with our services, we guarantee all our materials and work for one year.

Minimize Damage | Call Right Away

The damage caused by wildlife entering in your home can be significant. Once they find their way in, they can ruin everything from the wood studs in your walls to electrical wiring. The hazards these issues present could result in expensive repairs to your home. Only a wildlife animal control specialist has the skills to root out the culprit and ensure they don’t return. Once you suspect you have a rodent or other animals living somewhere in your home, give us a call, and we’ll be right out to complete a thorough inspection, provide an estimated timeframe, and the cost.

No Matter the Location

Although finding a bird, bat, or rodent in your attic, basement or walls is one of the most common issues we deal with; they can also be nuisances in other areas of your property. Gardeners battle with various critters trying to steal their fruits and vegetables. Boat and RV owners often discover an animal has moved in while the vehicle or vessel has sat idle. Although the location is different, the damage and frustration are the same. Our wildlife animal control professionals are ready to assist no matter where you find an uninvited pest.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today and take the first step toward controlling the unwanted wildlife on your property. We look forward to hearing from you soon and showing you how affordable high-quality wildlife capture and removal services can be in Sacramento.