Trap and Relocate Wildlife in Sacramento, CA


When wildlife accidentally finds its way onto your property, our team can help. At Sierra Wildlife Control, we have the skills and equipment to humanely remove unwanted animals like rodents and take them somewhere safer and more suited to their survival. Our highly-trained experts work with you to identify the animal you’ve encountered, and we will create the best plan to locate and contain it safely. Call us anytime you need to trap and relocate wildlife in Sacramento, CA.

Assisting with Exclusion

Wildlife capture and removal is often the best and most ethical option once you already have an unwanted guest, but by the time you notice the animal, it might have damaged your property or put kids and pets at risk. Fortunately, trapping isn’t the only solution we offer. Thanks to our experience, we can advise you on wildlife exclusion

The safest and most effective methods of dealing with wildlife are strategically sealing off openings, utilizing fencing, and planning for common invaders in advance, preventing conflicts with the local fauna altogether. Learn more about the process by speaking with our team today. We’ll help you personalize a plan to deal with animals in your area.