Trap and Relocate Wildlife in Sacramento, CA

Humane Wildlife Control in Sacramento, CA

If skunks, raccoons, bats, opossums, and squirrels cause havoc to your home, call Sierra Wildlife Control for humane wildlife control in Sacramento, CA. We will rid your property of wildlife so you can rest easy.

Our approach to wildlife control and removal is grounded on concern for the animals and our clients who want to get rid of pests but want it done in a skillful, knowledgeable, and compassionate way.

Rodent and Wildlife Prevention in Sacramento, CA

Live Wildlife Trapping

Having wildlife take up residence in your home is never a pleasant situation. However, with our expertise, we can easily take care of the problem for you using a humane approach when catching the animals, but we don’t stop there. We will sanitize the area, and seal off entry points according to construction industry standards preventing them from returning.

What Happens When You Call for Wildlife Animal Control

First and foremost, we are a group of animal lovers. We want the very best for the critters that we share with our communities. After all, before all these subdivisions and commercial buildings was a patch of land with trees where wildlife creatures and people cohabitated.

However, as the human population demands an expansion of urban spaces, we end up turning our natural environment into places where we can live, putting wild animals in the middle of human traffic where they may be unsafe. Sometimes, they find themselves in situations that are frustrating for homeowners and almost certainly not good for the animals. The primary purpose of wildlife animal control is to assess the circumstances, set appropriate trapping methods, and humanely capture and remove the animal. We then seal the area to prevent a recurrence and leave everything in better condition than we found it. By closing the gaps and putting screening vents in place, animals can no longer enter your property and cause problems for you and your family.

Our wildlife animal control processes ensure that wherever possible, no animals are harmed. We take it upon ourselves to trap and relocate wildlife species in the most ethical way possible as we protect your property from unwanted creatures living in small, hard-to-reach spaces. Our methods provide quick results that ensure your property is free from pests.

Wildlife is opportunistic and will take advantage of any opening in a house they view as a new residence. Our homes are insulated, temperature-controlled, and comfortable, making them prime targets for animals looking for a place to live and raise their babies. While it’s not always ideal for the homeowner, it is perfectly natural for the animal. That’s why when we undertake pest removal, we take care to ensure the process is humane, seamless, and effective.

Minimizing Stress for You and Pests

People that call for our services are often of two minds about wildlife capture and removal. While they do not want a pest living in their house, most home and business owners are concerned about its welfare. We can assure you that we take great care to minimize stress on the animal and ensure everything we do upholds the highest standards of humane practices.

We never want to see a critter in distress and are cautious while handling them. Our pest inspection and removal service means you can be sure we will treat the animal with understanding and consideration for the upheaval in its life. Once we have captured it, we will employ remediation measures to prevent further issues.

Our wildlife capture and removal services provide homeowners with a safe and humane way to keep their property clear of critters who could otherwise cause damage and create problems. While we need to learn to share our space with the wildlife surrounding us, where they choose to make a home isn’t always in line with what is safe for them or us.

Sierra Wildlife Control is passionate about helping protect families from the dangers of having wildlife in their homes without mistreating the animals but instead regarding them with respect. Our wildlife removal services in Sacramento, CA, uphold our promise to protect the critters from the dangers of living with humans and relocate them where they pose no threat to themselves and others. If you think you have an animal living somewhere it shouldn’t, give us a call, and we’ll be out to take care of it quickly and humanely.