Environmentally-Friendly Pest Removal in Sacramento, CA

Get Rid of Rodents with Rodent Control Services in Sacramento, CA

Let the professionals at Sierra Wildlife Control handle your rodent problem. With rodent control services in Sacramento, CA, and beyond, we can safely and effectively eliminate all types of rodents from your home or business. Contact us today if you are concerned about rodents on your property.

Pest Control Services in Sacramento, CA

Environmentally-Friendly Rodent Removal

Rats and mice can be a nuisance. We remove them from your home or business using the best snap traps available. These traps are more humane then poison pellets or sticky traps, ensuring a quick and humane dispatch so no animal suffers and ensures the safety of people, pets, and children in your home.

In addition to trapping rodents, we will seal off entry points according to construction industry standards to deter them from returning.

Cost of Rodent Resolution

While some companies charge a monthly fee for this service without actually resolving the problem, we charge a one-time fee that will remove any rodents from your home or business and prevent them from returning. The cost will vary based on the extent of the job and the size of your property. We recommend that you do not approach these critters on your own, and call us for a pest inspection today.  We will provide a detailed estimate with photos of damage found and our work will always be itemized.